" IRI-DESCENT Pop Tunes -- Doug practically FED EXES you his heart "
The disc packs enough MOOD ENHANCING POWERS to save you Money on Zoloft "
- Jason Bracelin Las Vegas Review Journal


I'm in the Studio recording my new album.
" Born To Rock " ! It will be out Late 2017.
Its taking a while to complete, but you'll
love it when its done !

$9.77 + $2.

$9.77 + $4. shipping/handling.

Doug was born and raised in Whitefish, Montana. His Mom, (a fantastic
piano player and singer),
forced him into band (drums)
in 6th grade. His Dad (who worked for the US Forest Service, and
built the family home) bought him his first drum set in 8th grade.
Playing drums in a Montana Rock band

(Ron Newberry/Mark Hand/Brad Porter/Alan Satterlee/Wayne Svee)
put Music in Doug's Blood for good, and kept him out of trouble.

Attending College in Arizona (DeVry), Doug met and joined forces with
Stubbs and Geoge Williams in Legend. Lindseys influence in particular
set Doug on a path of playing guitar, piano, singing, and
Songwriting !
Together they enjoyed AZ Fan and Radio success.


Doug also had success in Arizona with bandmates
Mike Gwinn / Mark Winterman / Bryan Thomson -
opening shows for Stevie Nicks and others.
In 2001 with his better half NJ, Doug relocated his Studio to Nevada
to focus on songwriting and recording.

"One More Cup Of Coffee For The Highway" , showed off Doug's
Songwriting skills across many different Genres of music
(Rock, Pop, Country).
Doug's"From the Heart" tribute to our Hero's of 9/11
"Hero Angels" achieved National and Worldwide attention.

Doug is currently recording a ROCK album coming Spring 2017.
Doug will be playing live Nationwide in 2017 - 18.